Monday, April 30, 2012

A Call to Action

FBI Ten Most Wanted

Dear Readers,
Above is a link to the FBI's ten most wanted fugitives.  These guys need to be caught, and today I am asking you, a reader of Proctor's Type, to help.  Learn the faces of these low-lifes, read about their crimes and check your social circles to see if you have been unknowingly spending time with a fugitive.  HINT:  they may be using an alias! 

I know Proctor's Type is, for the most part, a light-hearted, entertaining read but today we are going to discuss the scum of the Earth.  This is a list of thieves, murderers and perverts!  Have I ever told you how much I dislike criminals?  And to think these are some of the worst of the worst, still on the run and enjoying their freedom.  HINT #2:  Do not assume they are dead!  Murderers Fisher and Brown are known to have wilderness survival skills.  Pedophile Toth uses "charm" and intellect to enter a vast array of social circles.  Murderer Godwin has escaped from jail twice.  Theives Mogelivich and Gerena could very well be in their native countries (taking a vacation soon?).  Drug dealing murderers Ravelo and Saenz are most likely traveleing between Mexico and the United States southwest.   

This child killer makes me want to puke.  Be on the look out while in honduras.

These dregs of society are all in which leads me to HINT #3:  upon seeing a fugitive please consider them armed and extremely dangerous.  Men with nothing to lose tend to behave wildly, off the cuff so to speak.  Do not become their next victim.  If you suspect you have found a fugitive, please contact your local FBI office or law enforcement agency.  I do not want you to contact me personally until you have contacted the police or FBI.  I do not have the capabilities to apprehend a fugitive.  Please contact me afterward so I can share your success with all of my other readers.  I will dedicate an entire entry to your heroism and diligence.

I do not think one apprehension resulting from a reader sometime in the next three months is too much to ask for. 

Thank You,
Proctor's Type

P.S.  I want to give a special message to the pervert and newest entry to the list:  Eric Toth.  I do not like that we share the same first name and I do not like that you think it is ok to engage in production and distribution of child pornography.  I travel the midwest frequently to visit family and I will have my eyes peeled for you.

You'll be in jail soon!

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