Saturday, September 12, 2015

I guess I have a brother now... - A guest blog by Crosby Jane Proctor

I was enjoying what I thought was an impromptu weekend get-a-way with Nana and Papa when I was informed it was time to go to the hospital and meet my brother.  Of course this was no surprise to me.  For the past few months I have been indoctrinated each night with books emphasizing the importance of being a "good big sister".  Needless to say, I got the gist of these books about halfway through the first one.  My favorite was the Berenstain Bears version.  Basically, the older bear sibling gets a new bed because he has outgrown it and his old bed is reserved for the new baby.  This new bed comes about from the father going into the woods, chopping down a tree and building a bed from the fallen wood.  This could not be more dissimilar from our situation.  If my new brother is waiting on our dad to do this, he may as well find a comfortable spot on the floor for the next 18 years.

Putting babies on top of play carts full of toys is an excellent idea.
Well, we can (and will) clown dad in the future.  Here is the pertinent info of my little bro:

Name:        Guy Thomas Proctor
Height:       19.75 Inches
Weight:      8 lbs 9 oz
Time born: 2:41 AM September 12, 2015
Mood:        Jacked (as you can see dad still has some say in the content of his blog)

I hope he does not think he gets mom and I am stuck with dad.
Word around Baptist East is that mom was a champ again.  She stuck to her plan for a natural birth.   Shout out to her awesome doula Angela and (to a lesser extent) dad for helping her along.  Although, apparently Guy did not put up nearly as long of fight as I did.  That being said, mom and brother are both healthy and doing well.  Dad will not stop talking about what time the cafeteria opens.
He gets to suck his thumb all he wants, but if I ask for a pacifier at the wrong time all heck breaks loose.
This is going to be a fun time in our house.  My brother seems pretty cool.  I am considering waking up at night every time he does so that we all get to hang out together.  Plus, I cannot wait to teach him the "wake up and cry right at kickoff" trick that I patented.  

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Trash day

Wednesday is trash pickup day and recycling pickup is every other Wednesday.  After six years in our house, I know this.  I also know that because we had a holiday Monday, pickup for both will be delayed until Thursday.  

Needless to say I was content just waiting until tomorrow.  But then I saw Mr. Goody Two Shoes from across the street put his cans out today.  Could he be right?

And who is Mr. G2S you ask?  Here is all you need to know about him:

Last summer, due to some mower trouble, our front yard was a tad neglected.  I thought I had the problem fixed and began to mow, however the mower continued to stall out as I went along.  The whole time this is happening, Mr. G2S is across the street shooting the shit with some other poindexter.  Eventually the mower would not restart and in a momentary lapse in chill, I flipped the mower over onto the ground and it popped back up on its wheels (it was actually pretty cool).  He sees all this and what does he do you ask?  He starts cutting his own well-manicured lawn that did not need to be cut...

There it is.  Guess what Neighbor Ned, if I look like a fool for forgetting the holiday and putting the cans out early, then you do too. And when my young kids are grown up a little and I can focus more on the yard, mine will be on point too.  Also, if you read this, where did you get that new Dogwood tree?  That bloom last spring was fantastic.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The little things...

Is there anything better than discovering freshly-hardened, melted cheese when cleaning the panini press?  Truth be told, I have been known, on occasion, to let a little cheese seep out of the panini/quesadilla I am pressing just to ensure I get that little taste of heaven. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

College football predictions (guesses)

No "analysis", just throwing it out and seeing if anything sticks.  If it does, you better believe you will be hearing about this again.  

College football playoff:
1.  Ohio State
2.  USC
3.  Florida State
4.  Alabama

Final: Alabama defeats Florida State

First 4 Out:
Michigan St.

Conference Champs:
ACC: Florida St
Big 10: Ohio St
Big 12: Baylor
Pac 12: USC
SEC East: Georgia
SEC West: Alabama 

Heisman: Cody Kessler

Projected Records:
Louisville: 9-3
Kentucky: 7-5
CMU: 6-6

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A dilemma

This is a very small amount of leftover nacho cheese from a Lil C's Hot N' Ready run last Sunday.  It was obviously used for crust dips and I will say, it certainly did its job quite nicely.  I have no earthly idea what to do with it now, but at the same time, I simply cannot let go.