Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Trash day

Wednesday is trash pickup day and recycling pickup is every other Wednesday.  After six years in our house, I know this.  I also know that because we had a holiday Monday, pickup for both will be delayed until Thursday.  

Needless to say I was content just waiting until tomorrow.  But then I saw Mr. Goody Two Shoes from across the street put his cans out today.  Could he be right?

And who is Mr. G2S you ask?  Here is all you need to know about him:

Last summer, due to some mower trouble, our front yard was a tad neglected.  I thought I had the problem fixed and began to mow, however the mower continued to stall out as I went along.  The whole time this is happening, Mr. G2S is across the street shooting the shit with some other poindexter.  Eventually the mower would not restart and in a momentary lapse in chill, I flipped the mower over onto the ground and it popped back up on its wheels (it was actually pretty cool).  He sees all this and what does he do you ask?  He starts cutting his own well-manicured lawn that did not need to be cut...

There it is.  Guess what Neighbor Ned, if I look like a fool for forgetting the holiday and putting the cans out early, then you do too. And when my young kids are grown up a little and I can focus more on the yard, mine will be on point too.  Also, if you read this, where did you get that new Dogwood tree?  That bloom last spring was fantastic.

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