Sunday, September 22, 2013

Man Baby Shower

It is hard being a soon-to-be-father.  I have to to get Laura water, wait to use the bathroom and drive places more often.  Men need something to help them unwind as they prepare for fatherhood.  Mothers have elaborate baby showers with all of their girlfriends and female family members.  They eat fancy snacks, drink fruit punch (?), play fun games and get tons of "cute" gifts for the baby.  In Laura's case, she had TWO of these showers, in different states!  Those showers were beautiful, she loved them and we got SO much stuff for the baby.  But I wanted something like that for me, geared more towards the father.  Luckily, I have amazing friends from law school and I got just that.

Originally dubbed the "Goodbye Fun Eric Party" (thankfully that was nixed), this past Friday became the blueprint for how to throw a Legit Man Baby Shower:

First you need a fantastic party planner:

Then you need a nacho bar with all the toppings:
Not the best picture of me but Laura and the Nachos make for a solid pic

A cake that looks like some kind of ball is a must:

Note the plates and napkins.  Cake Cred:
A bro-out Redd's chug is never a bad idea:
Not all guests even need to be human:
Make sure the jams are on point, here is just one of the classics played (Video possibly NSFW):

Best of all are the legit baby gifts.  We had accumulated enough "cute" stuff, we need this baby to be cool as well as cute:
Home, away, and alternate onesies, pacifiers, and a piggy bank with $ already in it
The baby can chill on this in the office:
Makes horse noises 
When the baby comes around there will be two members of the Proctors spilling shit all over themselves, thankfully they make the Gunners bibs in a two pack:
Makes horse noises
And it turns out some cute stuff is ok:

So there you have it.  Brews, nachos, jams, legit gifts and most importantly, fantastic friends, make for an impeccable Man Baby Shower.  Thanks guys, you all are great.

Katie (not pictured) missed the group pic and Kaleb was either taking this picture or off drinking a Redd's somewhere