Top 10 Players in the NBA/ Top 10 "Cheap American Beers"

Here are links to my on-going concurrent countdown of the Top 10 Players in the NBA and the Top 10 "Cheap American Beers".  It took me over two years to finally complete the list, so the NBA player rankings are off.

#10 Steph Curry/ Rolling Rock

#9 Paul George/ Coors Lite

#8 Russell Westbrook/ Miller High Life

#7 Tony Parker/ Genese Bock Beer

#6 Dwight Howard/ Budweiser

#5 Kevin Love/ Falls City

#4 Kobe Bryant & Dwayne Wade/ Miller Lite

#3 Anthony Davis & Chris Paul/ Busch Light

#2 Kevin Durant/ Keystone Light

#1 LeBron James/ Yunegling AKA The King & 'gling

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