Sunday, December 13, 2015

Top 10 Players in the NBA/ Top 10 "Cheap American Beers" (#1)

Ahhh, the great reveal that at least three people have been waiting for.  Over the past nearly two and a half years I have been counting down a concurrent list of the top ten NBA players and "cheap American beers".  The NBA player list is now pure comedy (see Dwight Howard at #6), however the beer rankings are still fairly consistent.

You can catch up on #2-10 here.

#1 LeBron James/ Yuengling

Torch Holder
I mentioned above that, due to the amount of time that has passed since I began this list, the NBA player rankings are ridiculous.  However, LeBron being #1 is as true now as it was then.  Look no further than last year's NBA finals for proof of this.  LeBron (and the Cavs?), without Love or Kyrie, took two games from the historically great Warriors.  Imagine if the alleged NBA Finals MVP (Iguodala, don't worry I forgot too) and LeBron switched teams.  The Warriors would have swept and won every game by 20 or more points.  Hell, if you switched Steph and LeBron, I still don't think the Cavs would have gotten one.  Everyone always wants to give the "best in their sport" torch to someone else way too quickly.  LeBron still dominates the league.

Pre-marriage and pre-kids, Laura and I went to Tampa to visit some of her family and take a cruise (~75 years ago).  While perusing the beer aisle at the grocery store I found beer that was both something I have never had before and price-pointed similarly to Bud or Miller.  I do not remember the exact date (SPOILER ALERT:  I pounded copious amounts of Yuengling and its a little fuzzy), but it is certainly one that changed my life.  Yuengling is the very definition of "cheap" and "American", basically a runaway winner.  They go down smooth enough to be a daytime grip & rip, but have enough bite to crack the first one after sundown.

Many readers, including local ones, are unable to purchase Yuengling in their state.  This makes it something of a commodity.  And not to get too personal, but it has caused something of an internal struggle for me.  Do I over-value Yuengling because it is a somewhat rare treat?  Or do I simply love it for what it is?  I cannot answer these questions here. But I can declare Yuengling to be the quintessential "cheap American beer".

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