Monday, December 14, 2015

More bros in the sauna than in the gym

I am currently sitting in the YMCA sauna with four other guys.  It is not a large sauna.  (Make that five other guys.)  it is quite the scene:

Me:  I may as well be a Busch light can sitting here sweating.  Stayed up to watch Tommy and the boys take It to JJ and sucked the life out of some cold ones.  Now just picture a human-sized beer can in the sauna, it's the best mental image.

New guy: just walked in and poured some water on the ELECTRIC heater.

Confused guy:  brought Dumbbells into the sauna

Other new guy: just asked to borrow Dumbbells...maybe I am the one who is confused?

I am sweating too much to type any more.  Just know it was weird in here this morning.

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