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My favorite songs vs. Dad's favorite songs- A Guest Blog By Crosby Jane Proctor

One gene that I know I got from my dad is a love of rankings/lists (poor example).  With this in mind I asked that he rank his five favorite songs of all time and submit it to me so I can compare his selections to my own.

Dad's Choice: "Nightswimming" by R.E.M

Dad always says he "loves a good piano" in his music.  He also said this song has a beautiful...oh, sorry, I fell asleep while listening to this boring song.  This is supposed to be the 5th best song ever, not REM's 38th best song.

My Choice: The Snowkey Pokey

My teachers kind of forced my hand with this one.  They love us singing it so much I would feel bad not putting it on the list.  Basically, it is the hokey pokey with a winter theme.  For example, in lieu of "hands" you put your left and right "mittens" in and out then shake them all about.  

Dad's Choice: "Disarm" by Smashing Pumpkins

I think I am sensing a theme here.  Find a 90's alternative band and then select their slowest song so that you can talk about how "deep" the lyrics are.  And what an uplifting song it is!  Billy Corgan said he did not have the guts to kill his parents so he wrote this song instead. I am going to just let that linger (speaking of early 90s alternative bands) while readers consider that this Debbie Downer song is supposedly the 4th best of all time.

My Choice:  "Badlands" by Bruce Springsteen

Finally some gusto!  This song takes me back to my younger days...

Dad's Choice: "I realize I have to do a tie because I forgot one"  UGH 
"The Cave"- Mumford and Sons TIED with "Mr. Tambourine Man"- Bob Dylan

Setting aside the ridiculousness that is the "tie", there are a couple glaring problems here.  First of all, there should be a caveat for The Cave because he usually does not start listening to it until he has had at least 6 beers and then it is on REPEAT.  There is no middle ground with that one.

Mr. Tambourine Man is a beautiful song, well at least the Byrds version is, but he says he prefers this one.  Not that you would get to listen to it anyway because the second it comes on dad will tell anyone that will listen that the song is actually about buying drugs.  Whoopty doo.  Most people know that and even if they don't, they certainly would like to hear the song in its entirety before learning of that "interesting" interpretation.

My Choice: "Shake that body" - As performed by mom

When I was so little that I was still bathing in the kitchen sink, mom would get me out of the portable tub and, before drying me off, would sing a song called "shake that body" while making me dance.  Everyone loved it and thought it was the funniest thing.  Luckily, I enjoyed it too because I did not have much of a say in the matter.

Dad's Choice: "The River" by Bruce Springsteen

Slow?  Check.  Long?  Check.  Sad?  Check.  There was a bunch of stuff from him about how this used to be #1 for the longest time but blah blah blah, something something.  Anyway, it certainly fits dad's criteria.

My Choice: The entire Raffi Live album

Nana got me this album because she knew I would like it.  I also know that dad does not like it, so I listen to it often.  These are fun songs made for children and I am a two year old, but some people just do not get that.  Nana and Crosby 1, Dad 0.  

Dad's Choice: "Read my mind"- The Killers

I have heard that when this song was popular dad wanted to recreate the above video with his friends.  Well, that sounds ridiculous even if it came to fruition.  But my guess is a single camera was never even turned on.  The time commitment would have really cut into his bachelor "chill" time.  Not to mention, the video was filmed in Japan.  I would venture to guess the travel portion of the non-existent production budget would not have covered that cost.  Solid song, but again, a little slow for my taste.

My Choice: "Ol' Dan Tucker"- as performed by Bruce Springsteen

As you may have garnered from my #2, dad does not like "music made for children", so he tracked down his copy of the chronically-under-rated We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions album that Bruce made about 10 years ago.  He thought I would like it.  I do, well at least I like the first song: Ol' Dan Tucker.  The rest of the album is a mystery because as soon as Dan Tucker ends I scream "Dan Tucker" until he plays it again,  Sometimes he has the audacity to say "well don't you want to listen to Jesse James (the second track) too?"  No.  If I wanted to listen to a song called "Jesse James" I would not scream "Dan Tucker".  I got left off of the Bruce Springsteen ticket list, but if I can finagle my way in there then be on the lookout for a "Dan Tucker" sign to let Bruce know what to play.


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