Thursday, March 7, 2013

And on the 4th Day...

Please forgive And on the 4th Day... formatting errors, it has been awhile.

Proctor's World

So a quick, brief synopsis of what is going on with my life.  School is going well.  The first year major "paper" has been completed for better or for worse, I have made solid friends and I have this summer's work plans figured out.  What is an average day like?  Well, here is a picture of me vacuuming a bruh's house in between classes:

Also of note, Laura is going to Israel for two weeks in April.  She was fortunate enough to receive the funding through a grant type of deal.  We should all pray for her and her group's safe travel and enlightenment.  We should also pray for me, as I will be bachin' it for a couple of weeks.    

But enough good stuff.  This is the internet, I should be complaining about mundane, every day problems.  MY KEURIG IS MESSED UP!  I hit the 8 oz. button and get three, tops.  I run the same coffee through again and still do not get a sufficient amount.  Here is hoping that it is the reusable cup I am using and not a complete break down.  If that were to happen, all this positive could go south really quick.

Our World

What in the hell is wrong with Facebook?  You know how people say that drivers completely change their personality when behind the wheel?  I am starting to think the same is true for Facebook.  Some reasonable, fun and intelligent people have a tendency to become the opposite on Facebook for some reason.  There are two prevalent problems in my opinion:  the sharing of stupid or offensive political memes and humble bragging.  Fix these and Facebook can be enjoyable again.

Ok, so you see a political meme you think is important, true, funny, whatever.  You want to share it... STOP.  Now I want you to consider that it will most likely offend or upset half of your Facebook friends.  We live in a polarized, black and white country.  It is unfortunate but true.  Still want to share it?  STOP.  Now I want you to read it and see if it is void of any real details or facts.  99% of these things are made up bullshit that cater to like-minded followers, especially the "stories".  Still about to "like"?  STOP.  Please go to Snopes and see if what you are reading is a complete horse crap urban legend.  Still hovering over the share?  STOP and ask yourself two more questions.  Is this going to make me look like an ass?  Am I better than this? Complex political and social issues such as gun control, welfare, taxation, health care and crime cannot be summed up in a snide meme.  Now, after this test, if you still want to share, have at it.  Also, if you have an original thought, by all means, shoot.

I guess that I should add that if you are my friend on Facebook I have been reporting all of these as spam.  On the other hand, a picture of your dog on cat gets an automatic "like".  Something to consider.

Second, please stop humble bragging.  There is nothing wrong with speaking positive about yourself or your life.  Hell, that is half of what Facebook is, letting people know what is going on.  But if you feel the need to brag or show off something you are excited about, just do it without a "humble" filter.  For example:  "I cannot believe I cleaned this big, messy house in 45 minutes" is not needed.  Go with "I have a big house and am really efficient at cleaning."  or go all the way with "my house is larger and cleaner than your's".  Want to show a picture of your new car?  Good.  But please do not caption it "I have always been so frugal, I cannot believe I just bought a brand new Lexus!".  Go with "I used to have to worry about money but now I do not.  Look how badass my car is."  Finally, and I have done this one, if you run/walk/bike a certain distance and want to post time, distance and route just post it.  No "this sucks" or "wish I had went faster" needed.  You did the exercise, you earned it (unless you drove around using mapmyrun GPS), if you want to share it, share it.

Tool of the Week

Everyone involved in the of designing the new Jeep Cherokee.
Photo Courtesy of

These may be nice,  they look kind of cool, hell maybe I will buy one and post pictures on Facebook (callback).  BUT THIS IS NOT A JEEP CHEROKEE.  This is a Jeep Cherokee:
Photo courtesy of Curbside Classics

Boxy, 4x4, ground clearance aka the real deal.

Beer of the Week

Shiner 966 Farmhouse Ale

These are delicious.  They have enough of the farmhouse bitterness to let you know what you are drinking, but are light enough to be very session-able.  I can see myself drinking these in a barn...or at home.