Friday, April 18, 2014

Crosby Reviews Country Classics

Hello again, Crosby here.  As many of you know, on Fridays I stay home with dad all day.  One of the "highlights" of these days is when he "sings" me "the classics".  He usually starts by asking me what I would like to hear.  Obviously, I am unable to articulate what I would like to hear.  So, he usually proceeds by saying "how about one of the classics?".  Again, I cannot reply.  He then proceeds to sing one of the "classics", which is basically any country song made before 2010.

Of course it would be selfish of me to keep these gems all for myself, so I had him record a couple so that I could share them with the world, along with a bit of constructive criticism.

1.  Toby Keith- How do you like me now
Crosby Rating: 3/5

First and foremost, notice that I am buckled into a chair.  I am going to hear this song whether I want to or not.  Overall, this one is okay, believe me, I have heard worse.  Dad is really trying to turn on the twang, but the overall voice still leaves a lot to be desired.  Also, this song makes Toby Keith sound a little like a sociopath.

2.  Kenny Chesney-  Back where I come from
Crosby Rating: 2.5/5

Notice I am trying to shove a toy in my mouth and he interrupts with this.  Nothing like hearing dad, who is from a little known place called Louisville (population according to 2010 census: 741,096), singing about back where he comes from.  He tried to cram "Kentuckian" in where Kenny says "Tennessean" and it did not work at all.  In fact, it cost him at least one point in my rating.

I hope you all enjoyed these "classics" as much as I did.

Crosby Jane Proctor is a guest blogger/baby

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Already up 1-0, Kerry prepares to knock cancer out for good

Despite having only met Kerry White ("Macy") a couple of times, I am proud to say she is my friend.  After plowing through a decent number of brews one evening, I struck up a conversation with her wherein I repeatedly called her by the wrong name (Macy), asked a million questions about her watch, and tried to give her golden beer bottle caps as a "gift".  For reasons unknown, she actually talked to me and that night I learned that Kerry is funny, likes dogs, and loves pizza.  Basically, she is an all-around awesome person.
Macy: The real deal

Since that night, I have learned that Kerry is also strong, determined, and courageous.  You see, Kerry has already kicked cancer's ass once.  But recently, cancer has returned and spread to her brain.  I have no doubt that this amazing person will beat cancer again, but the treatment will be expensive.

Kerry is training to become a Chiropractor because she wants to help people.  But now is a time that we can help her.  Please donate anything you can to help my friend beat cancer again.  Click her to donate.