Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Already up 1-0, Kerry prepares to knock cancer out for good

Despite having only met Kerry White ("Macy") a couple of times, I am proud to say she is my friend.  After plowing through a decent number of brews one evening, I struck up a conversation with her wherein I repeatedly called her by the wrong name (Macy), asked a million questions about her watch, and tried to give her golden beer bottle caps as a "gift".  For reasons unknown, she actually talked to me and that night I learned that Kerry is funny, likes dogs, and loves pizza.  Basically, she is an all-around awesome person.
Macy: The real deal

Since that night, I have learned that Kerry is also strong, determined, and courageous.  You see, Kerry has already kicked cancer's ass once.  But recently, cancer has returned and spread to her brain.  I have no doubt that this amazing person will beat cancer again, but the treatment will be expensive.

Kerry is training to become a Chiropractor because she wants to help people.  But now is a time that we can help her.  Please donate anything you can to help my friend beat cancer again.  Click her to donate.

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