Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The One Hour Experiment

Hello World.

It is currently 8:01 AM EST.  I am giving myself one hour to write a hodgepodge blog with no real planning, just an hour to type, link, put up some pictures ..whatever.  It may not be organized well, it may not make a lot of sense.  Who knows?  Here goes...

I had briefly thought about scrapping this blog.  I do not write often enough and I honestly do not know how many readers I have.  However, I thought better of that and will keep Proctor's Type alive and well.  If I ever get to a point where I know I am never going to want to blog again then I will kick Proctor's Type to the curb.  This is boring and I am wasting some of my hour blogging about why I decided to blog.

Moving on...

Here's a thought, I do not care if you do not like Christmas.  I do.  I love Christmas.  I had a fantastic time decorating the trees last night with my wife.  Christmas, however diluted or commercial it has become, is still a special time for me and my family.  On the other hand I also do not care what people call a "Christmas Tree".  Call it a "Community Tree" if you want, in a way that seems more "Christmasey" anyway.  You want to call it "Holiday shopping", fine, that is what it is.  Seriously if your "cause" is "keeping the Christ in Christmas", get a new damn cause or reevaluate what "keeping the Christ in Christmas" really means.  Something tells me yelling and screaming about the terms people use when decorating a tree or spending ridiculous amount of money on people who already have what they need to survive is not assuring the world that Christmas is still a celebration of Christ's birth.

Well I just spent 9-10 valuable minutes pissing off some readers.  Please keep on reading.  Let's move to a topic that is not so divisive   Hahaha, Christmas is divisive now.  What is wrong with the world?  Ok, let me think, something everyone likes...ummm....this is hard...it is also difficult to think of something everyone likes.  Major LOL there btw.  Everyone likes..dogs!  Fantastice, here is a picture of Laura and Carl with a headband on that "makes him look like a Reindeer":

Look at that!  How cute!

So are we all back to our good moods now?  

Let's talk U of L for a few minutes.  Actually, let's talk UK first.  I am not going to rip UK here.  I have been making a concerted effort for years now to be more reasonable and appreciative of my friends and family who happen to be UK fans.  My message to UK fans, who tend to be a tad insecure every now and then..  your basketball team is loaded and you will be fine.  Just think how good you will feel when they get a high seed in the tournament and you can have your bravado back.  It will happen.  Trust me.  

Now to all my fellow Cardinal fans:  we are in the ACC and are in a BCS bowl.  ENJOY IT FOR GOD'S SAKE!  I have heard so many fans worried about if Charlie is going to leave or worried that Florida is going to blow us out.  Be a fan!  Be happy and enjoy what HAS happened as opposed to dreading what MIGHT happen.  And if Charlie leaves, let's show some class (we will because Louisville has classy fans) and THANK HIM.  Charlie Strong brought us from the darkness to the light.  We will get another good coach.  Hopefully we will not need to.

I am going to go make another cup of coffee.  The Keurig has not been displaying the "add water" button in a timely fashion and this first cup only ended up being a halfer.  

Crisis averted.  Let's continue.  Wow this is already getting long.  Also, it looks like I have already typed a lot.

Some of you are fans of the Tool of the Week portion of And on the 4th day... (remember that?!?).  Well, how about a tool of the century?  None other than the insecure, low-life, over-rated, woman beating, PIECE OF SHIT GARBAGE, DOUCHE BAG that it Chris Brown.  Everything about him pisses me off.  I hate the idea of defending oneself by saying "stop hating" when someone points out that YOU, by your own volition , did something terrible.  The whole "why you worried about what I am doing, worry about yourself" bullshit is ridiculous.  I am worried about what you are doing because you beat a woman and seem to think it is OK.  I am worried that a bunch of your immature followers say things like "Chris Brown can beat me anytime" and you do not bother to say that abusing women is wrong.  Miranda Lambert, Jenny Johnson... whoever, please stay on this guy's case.  

Wow, I really do not like Chris Brown in case that was not apparent.  A musical artist I do like?  THE KILLERS.  If you are a casual fan and have not heard Battle Born yet please do.  The Killers are back and the album is absolutely spectacular.  What rock music is supposed to be.  How about I rank all the Killers' Albums with Brandon Flowers solo album thrown in:

1.  Sam's Town
2.  Battle Born
3.  Flamingo
4.  Hot Fuss
5.  Day & Age
6.  Sawdust

Fellow Killers fans..do you agree?  Please comment and let me know.

It looks like I have about 13 minutes left.  How about I discuss a recent major change in my life?  I recently made a new Facebook and deleted my original account.  Why, you and so many others are asking?  Well, if this does not explain it I do not know what will:

While I am posting videos, how about I post a video I made about making a beverage that is the key to health this winter:

Here is a test to see if my wife actually read this:  the frozen strawberries do not work as well as the fresh ones.

If you think that it is only RGIII vs. Luck for the future of the QB position you are not paying attention.  Those guys are fantastic but Russell Wilson is right there with them.  Back to Back drives against the Bear's defense?  I like it.  

I am running out of material and time, about to clean up and head to school for a Criminal Law review.  You guys keep it real.