Thursday, March 1, 2018

The DMs after yetserday's post

I acknowledge that last night's content for ConLent (So Steamed- Shout Spray) was not the best. In fact, it was extremely weak. Ok, fine, it was fucking horrible. But I did tell you all that blogging every day during Lent would produce some low lows. Despite my warning, the DMs, primarily from the haters, blew up after last night's ConLent disaster. Here are a few of the "best" from last night:

"Severely stupid shit!"
-A hater

"Doing laundry? Eat a Tide Pod while you're at it!"
-A hater

"I hope u go 2 jail 4 bad content."
-A youthful hater

"Fake news! #MAGA"
-A Russian Bot hater

"Eric, you ok? Call me."
-My Mom, not a hater

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