Friday, March 2, 2018

At a fantasy baseball draft, gonna throw some thoughts out and call it content

1) Having a blast
2) Just spent big on Ohtani
3) Gonna crack another cold one
4) this is crappy content
5) something good coming
6) Chad ordered pizza including Dominos® Garlic Knots®, v good
7)Got my all time favorite player, Miggy
8) None of you all give a fuck
9) This content is low, may not improve
10) Greg Holland is a free agent
11) Just cracked an Oberon, a 2k17 Oberon
12) Will be in Ireland on 2k18 Oberon day, ice some of them MFs for me
13) Wondering if keeping Joe Panik was a good move
14) This is horrible content
15) SMDH
16) IDFK
17) low on content
18) ready for the haters
19) got my fave player ever, Miggy, hope you all are happy for me but you are not
20) can't stand the haters

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