Sunday, March 4, 2018

Crosby is her father's daughter

The family was walking home from the grocery store and we saw a bird. The following exchange took place:

Laura: "Look guys, a bird."
Guy: "A bird, a bird!"
Crosby: "I am going to grab it"
Laura: "No, that's not kind, that will hurt the bird."
Me: "Yeah, uh, we aren't going to do that, uh, will probably fly away soon anyway"
Guy: "Don't hurt bird!"
Crosby: "Yeah, Guy,  don't hurt the bird, we love the birds"
Me: "Uhh, didn't..."
Crosby (confidently): "Guy said he was going to grab the bird, I told him not to."
Me: "Oh ok, yeah Guy, let's be nice to the bird."

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