Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Hotel Guy

I am a hotel guy, which means I love hotels and qualifies me for a free night's stay at the new Omni Hotel in Louisville. It looks to be an absolute immaculate facility, but I need to be sure before I can fully endorse on Proctorstype.com. One night's stay, or maybe two, with meals provided, for myself and my wife, could potentially get a positive review. It seems like a no-brainer for the General Manager, but we shall see.

Is it better than the Marriott in Dayton Ohio where I had an absolute blast during a week long training for work in June of last year? Don't know. That place had a an indoor pool, large patio area (with firepits), and a free shuttle that took us to all the hottest spots in a jiffy. Can The Omni beat that? There website and Instagram account (of which I have been a loyal follower and liker) seems to imply as much, but I cannot be sure until I get a whiff of that lobby. I imagine the management of The Omni catches my drift, but let me be frank, I want to stay at your hotel and you need my positive review. Let's make this happen. Hit the DMs to arrange. 

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