Saturday, July 6, 2013

Top 10 Players in the NBA / Top 10 "Cheap American Beers" (#10)

The talking heads have exploded with wide-ranging opinions as to Dwight Howard's worth after his recent "decision" to join the Houston Rockets.  Some say Dwight Howard is a top 5 player while others say he is not "worth it", whatever that means.  Like every other jackass who watches too much NBA and listens to too many commentators wildly speculate about the League, I feel the need to make the "correct" top ten NBA player list, but with a twist...

Earlier this week,a brilliant Deadspin writer, Will Gordon, ranked 36 "Cheap American Beers", and although I disagree with his assessment, the idea was genius.  Like every other bro/student who loves drowning brews, I feel the need to make the "correct" top ten "Cheap American Beers" list.  There is a lot riding on the creation of these arbitrary lists and I do not want to know what will happen if both are not released in a timely fashion.  Therefore, I am left with one option, make the lists concurrently and countdown one player/domestic a day.

Here we go:

#10:  Stephen Curry/ Rolling Rock
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Stephen Curry can flat score the rock.  He led the league in 3PM last year by a wide margin and really showed his stuff on a national stage when the Warriors knocked off everyone's darling Nuggets team in the first round of the 2013 playoffs.  Additionally, in 2009 I said he should be the number one pick in the draft and I want to pat myself on the back a little for that bold prediction.

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One time I was out hackin' it around on Long Run golf course.  It was about 95 degrees outside and cold ones were without a doubt in order.  That day I learned a golf tip I will never forget.  If you buy 6 cans of brew at the clubhouse they give you a collapsible cooler full of ice to put them in.  And what does that mean?  That means you load that bad boy up with gas station purchased brew on the cheap.  It just so happens that on this glorious day my golf mates had purchased a substantial amount of Rocks.  I spent that day slicin' drives, pounding Rocks and sweatin' like a mug.  Quality memories of Rolling Rocks for sure, plus in the Deer Hunter there is a scene where Robert De Niro is trying to convince a love interest to have a Rolling Rock.  The combination of a round shooting about 120 with cinematic history make Rolling Rock a legitimate choice to begin our top ten countdown.    

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