Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Top 10 Players in the NBA / Top 10 "Cheap American Beers" (#6)

The Proctor's Type combo countdown of the top ten NBA players and the the top ten "cheap American beers" continues...

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#6: Dwight Howard/ Budweiser (in an American Flag can)

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I was unfortunately listening to some random Saturday morning radio guys on ESPN radio one day.  In typical ESPN fashion they were ranking something and making "zany", "off the wall" selections.  A certain level of absurdity is expected with any of these segments but this particular one was downright idiotic.  One of the radio hosts picked Marc Gasol as their #1 center in the NBA....hahahahaha lolololololololol excuse me, I am laughing so hard I may shit my pants, HAHAHAHAHAHA.  MARC GASOL as the best center in the NBA!  HAHAHAHA, not the best center on the Spanish national team, not the #1 center not on the top 5 center list, they think, or at least said they think, that MARC GASOL is the best center in the NBA.  I was laughing so hard that I missed their "reasoning" but I think it consisted of some BS about basketball IQ and making free throws.

The last time I checked, playing basketball consisted of a lot more than making free throws and has very little to do with IQ tests of any kind.  NBA basketball is a collection of the biggest, best athletes in the world and Dwight Howard epitomizes size and athleticism.  I will grant you that he does not have a tenacity that Kobe or LeBron possess.  He does not shoot free throws well and sulks when he is not getting the ball enough for his liking.  BUT Dwight Howard led the league in rebounds last year and averaged 17 ppg as the third option on a poorly coached team.  All of this coming off of BACK SURGERY.  Dwight is in a better place for him now, I think he is due for a big season.

Photo Courtesy of:  Me taking a buzzed selfie
There are exactly two reasons Budweiser (in an American Flag can) makes the top 10:

1)  They sometimes put them in American flag cans.  What's a better way to show patriotism than to take down some tall boys with a flag on them?  Every time one can is crushed and another popped, this country becomes a little more free.  

2)  When I am at a professional sporting event or a concert I am not going to refrain from drinking brewskies due to the exorbitant price!  But I will make a concerted effort to get  the most out of my $8 16 oz. beer.  That is where Budweiser comes in.  With a little more alcohol and a little heavier taste, Budwesier versus a "light" option is a solid investment when the wallet is getting a little light.

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