Thursday, July 11, 2013

Top 10 Players in the NBA / Top 10 "Cheap American Beers" (#8)

We continue our countdown of the 10 best NBA players and 10 best "Cheap American Beers"
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#8: Russell Westbrook/ Miller High Life
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"He shoots too much!" - Guy who saw the Thunder lost but did not actually watch the game
"He takes away from Durant!!!"-  ESPN "analyst" who needs to have a "take"

Can we please put all of this BS to bed?  We saw what happens to a Westbrook-less Thunder this year in the playoffs.  Without Westbrook's 23, 5 and 7, the Thunder were swiftly sent home by the Grizz who were subsequently swept by the Spurs.  Westbrook forces the issue and creates better shots for Durant by simply being on the floor, which is the opposite of the "addition by subtraction" so many were hoping for when Westbrook went down.  A suggestion:  next time you get a chance, watch Westbrook play instead of listening to jackasses discuss his play after the fact.  I believe you will quickly agree (if you do not already) that he deserves a place on this list.

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Years ago some creative ad person (think Peggy or the annoying guy on Don's team) was sitting around thinking about how to market the economic Miller option.  "I got it" they said.  "Let's call it the Champagne of beers, that will be ironic!"  My guess is that the Don-type approved and history was made.

Now let me start by saying that I like High Life and I love champagne.  However, the two things could not be more opposite.  Champagne makes me think of a magnificent French landscape, High Life makes me think of a Catholic church picnic in a large parking lot.  That being said, both are beautiful in their own way.  People celebrate major life events such as weddings and promotions with Champagne.  The only celebration centered around High Life is finding out there is a "cheap beer tent" tucked away in the corner of a baseball stadium.  But I guess that is the Yin and Yang of life (some people who actually know what Yin and Yang are may disagree), and it gave me a great idea:  sell a bottle of Andre and a sixer of High Life for 12 bucks and call it a "celebration in a box".

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