Saturday, July 13, 2013

Top 10 Players in the NBA / Top 10 "Cheap American Beers" (#7)

We continue the Proctor's Type countdown of the top 10 NBA players along with the top 10 "Cheap American Beers".  

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#7 Tony Parker/ Genesee Bock Beer

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I do not think it would be a stretch to say that Tony Parker is the most under-rated player in the NBA today.  He is the best player on a team that took the dominant Heat to 7 games in the NBA Finals.  Heck, the Spurs probably should have won the NBA Finals and would have had they not let game 6 slip away.  While Duncan and Pop have praise lavished on them like the Florida sun beating down on a poor salamander (common saying in Florida), Parker continues to lead the team in scoring, assists and assists to turnover ratio.  Do not forget all the opportunities he creates spacing wise when he drives to the rim.  

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I have only had this beer once but I can safely say it is legit.  I was over at a good beer buddy's house and he said "got some cans in the cooler of some new cheap stuff from Whole Foods".  Being the open-minded adventurer I am, I popped the cooler open and started ripping and roaring.  These brews were darker than a typical cheap demesto but they were delicious and went down like water.  The experience reminded me of Christmas morning as a child.  I think that may be because the cans looked "Christmasy", but I am sure the sheer joy and wholesome fun had something to do with it as well.


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