Friday, November 14, 2014

The Cologne XCHANGE that wasn't

I had the best idea.  Some bros get together and exchange various selections from their respected cologne collections.  Do you want some Polo Blue sprays for a special night?  No problem.  Just send your fellow Cologne XCHANGE member your bottle of Drakkar Noir.  Job interview?  Get some Cool Water from an XCHANGE buddy.  And the best part?  He has some fresh Lacoste for his hot first date!  LOOK OUT LADIES!
Imagine the possibilities
What could go wrong?  Well, everything.  What if a member is a heavy sprayer?  You send a 4.8 oz bottle and only get back 3 ounces.  And what about quality?  If I am sending you some Hugo Boss and all you have to offer is Stetson, then I may as well jump off of a cliff.  The fatal blow to my plan was the thought that someone may bring a imitation to the exchange,  I just can't.  Some dreams aren't meant to be.

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