Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gym Notes

1)  Someone needs to explain to me the deal with picking the medicine ball up above your head and violently throwing it on the floor.  At some points, it seems like half of the gym is doing it.  I have no doubt it is a beneficial exercise, most of the people doing it are fairly winded.  I just wonder who made it up and how it became so popular so quickly.  

Possibly, somewhere in a Crossfit garage far, far away, an extremely amped bro was letting off some steam and took some aggression out on a medicine ball.  After a few reps, a movement was born.

2)  A tip: when you are trying to get The Cranberries "Zombie" on repeat (in order to get severely jacked), be sure to type more than just "Zo" in the search bar.  Otherwise, this will end up in the mix:

There is nothing wrong with some S & G in chill time, but it will stop a vigorous medicine ball floor pound session right in its tracks.

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