Friday, September 29, 2017

A Poem For Autumn (Epic Poem)

Autumn is here!
For the harvest, we prepare
Find a better season,
ass****, I dare.

So hit the bricks summer,
off your ivory tower!
I'm ready to rock some plaid:
Eddie Bauer.

Hello and good morning barista,
hook up a grande pumpkin spice.
Nothing like this cool, crisp air
to shoot a game of dice.

Hut! Hut!
Grunt! Grunt!
It's a football game!
I hope my autumn raccoon 
turns out to be tame.

Through the pumpkin patch,
we can walk in tandem.
As for the haters,
I can't stand 'em. 


Blessed be your autumn wedding,
but try not to brag.
I hope your last names are conducive
to a fun #hashtag.

Let's not forget Halloween.
What shall I be?
Hold on, too many brown ales,
now I have to pee.

Quality Autumn Cold 

A ninja turtle is the deal,
but these punk kids are so lame.
It's hard to trick or treat,
while playing a video game.

Happy fall, y'all!

Crosby's first autumn. 2013. 

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