Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Verlander: Proctor's Type MLB Winner 2011

Justin Verlander is the real deal. He rightfully won the AL MVP award to go along with the AL Cy Young award.  Obviously I am biased for Tigers, but I believe anyone who looks at the 2011 regular season as a whole would agree that Justin Verlander was the most valuable player.  The Tigers counted on him to stop losing streaks, as he went 16-3 when the Tigers had lost the day before his start.  He won 24 games, threw a no hitter and took home the pitching triple crown.  

 JV can add another award to his mantel: Proctor's Type MLB winner 2011.  Proctor's Type is a new award given to athletes in various sports who I believe had the best season.  The criteria is completely my own thoughts and feelings and I actually just came up with this idea about ten minutes ago.  The award is a blog entry, a sweet picture and an interesting story/anecdote/statistic etc. about each winner.

Congratulations Justin
In an interview with Dan Patrick, Justin Verlander was asked who he would have voted for the AL MVP and he said himself (good choice).  He was then asked who he would vote for besides himself and he said Miguel (good choice).  The best part was when Dan asked him what non-tiger he would vote for and he said Bautista.  Dan followed that up by giggling and asking whether Bautista had taken him deep last year and JV replied "no, no, I threw a no-hitter against those guys".

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