Monday, July 27, 2015

Manic Monday (Guest Blogger- Crosby Jane Proctor)

Mondays are usually a fun time for me, but I just am not feeling it today.  I think it is mostly dad's fault.  He has a test coming up and was gone ("studying") most of the weekend.  He is being the BIGGEST BABY about the whole ordeal.  Honestly, I think it is a big ruse for him to get to eat out for every meal.  Sure, I will take a test too if that means Panera Bread, Starbucks, Burger King (x2), and Papa Johns pizza.  All the while the grass in the back just keeps growing and growing...someone please tell me how I am supposed to play back there.  Luckily, mommy and others salvaged some fun for the weekend, otherwise I am not sure I would know how to even deal with today.  

Fast forward to today.  I wanted some milk before I departed for school.  A reasonable request, right?  Well, dad responds with "just hang on a minute, you will get some milk at school".  How rude.  Next time he wants to drink a beer before we all go to the restaurant I am going to tell him "you don't need that, they will have beer at the restaurant".  Thankfully, mommy took the 30 seconds to pour me a glass of milk.  I finished it, we brushed teeth, and off daddy and I go to school.

On the way there I am forced to hear Drew Deener blather on about some sports something or other.  After about 10 minutes, but what feels like an hour, I am finally at school and I get to see my friends.  I was admittedly a little fired up and upon entering school I shoved one of my friends to the floor.  Whoopty doo.  Sue me (just a joke dad).  Of course, dad makes me say "sorry", which I did not feel was warranted.  Fifteen seconds later, I see another friend of mine carrying around a green basket that I want to play with.  I politely approach and attempt to take it away from her.  She starts to cry and of course I get told by dad to "let her keep it".  I did not think this was all too big of deal, but apparently it was enough to get my mug shot on the wall:

I do not have to tell you who was "watching me" when I fell and hit my face last weekend.

Wow,  it is only 9:30.  The good news is my day can only improve from here.

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