Monday, January 15, 2018

"Man, mommy is the best"- A guest blog by Guy Thomas Proctor

Alright bros and broettes, let's keep it real, me and mommy have been tight since literally day one. From kicking it in the NICU to hitting Disney World so hard, mommy and I have been through a lot. Crosby and Dad are legit, but if you give me the choice, nine times out of ten I want to hang with Mommy.

On special occasions, Mommy gets the best treats popping off and its no secret that means ice cream. If I want a cone, that's cool, if I want a cup, that works too. Mommy doesn't sweat the huge mess I am about to make. On the other hand, Dad is always trying to give me a cereal bar as some type of treat. "Here ya go buddy, its mixed berry!" Come on Pops, if I rolled my eyes any harder I would pass out.

Mommy can also chill a situation out when things get heated. For some reason Crosby always seems to have the toy I want and have to have right then. I do not know why it works out that way, but it does. Sometimes, I just can't wait for my turn and I go and take whatever it is from Crosby. All the sudden she is steamed and telling me I am not her best friend anymore. That hits the feels really hard and the next thing you know, I am shedding a couple tears. Daddy says "give the toy back to your sister" which has maintained its success rate of 0% for all of time. Luckily, Mommy understands the complex emotions involved and encourages us to talk it out. A few minutes later, the situation is diffused and Mommy has saved the day once again.

Last but not least, Mommy can sing all the hits. After I have been redlining life all day, I need some tunes to chill me out and Mommy delivers. Whether its Daniel Tiger theme song, It's a Small World, This Little Light of Mine, or most importantly, Thomas the Train, Mommy knows all the words. Daddy tries, but I can only listen to 'Read My Mind" (which somehow he still doesn't remember the words) so much. Then when I ask for Thomas the Train song, he just starts singing "Thomas the Train is rolling down the tracks, he's rolling down the tracks, rolling down the tracks" OVER AND OVER. That most definitely is NOT the Thomas the Train song and hearing it makes me want to stay awake for hours on end. Come on Dad, do better. Maybe ask Mommy the words.

Guy Thomas Proctor is a two year old, a guest blogger and a bro.

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