Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heavy Bags of Leaves

I will take you back to Saturday January 30th 2011.  If you were in Louisville KY you may remember a beautiful, mild weathered, winter's day.  It would be easy to remember because it is the only "nice" day we have had in months.  Weeks earlier I had promised myself that on the next semi-warm weekend day I would rake up and bag ALL of the leaves (for the third time this season).  
I woke up motivated and went to work, raking and bagging, raking and bagging.  I picked up dog (poop), I trimmed a tree, I moved cement blocks and bricks that had been sitting in the same place since we bought our home.  After working from 10am to around 5 pm, I was finished.  I had filled up a very large trash container and 10 huge yard bags full of leaves.  I celebrated by having a couple of friends over and starting a fire in the fire pit.  

Yard waste pickup is every other Wednesday, which just happens to be today.  After I go to the gym and walk the dog, I proceed to carrying the half frozen, very heavy leaf bags to the end of the driveway from the backyard.  I rolled the huge, heavy trashcan full of wet leaves to the curb.  These leaves were finally going to be gone from my life....then I got home from work....

I guess they don't pick up yard waste in the winter time.  Fail.

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