Friday, September 23, 2011

Beer Reviews 09/23/2011

Hello world.  Laura and I headed to our Masterbrewer's house last night to put the labels on our Proctoberfest Wedding Ale, previously blogged about here Part One and here Part Two.  With this in mind, I decided I would give Proctoberfest Wedding Ale an official review, along with a couple others we downed over there.

Master Brewer

Who: Buddy's Best Brewing Co. (Louisville, KY)
What: Proctoberfest Wedding Ale
Cost: Production costs ran about $1 a bottle
Description:  Proctoberfest is a solid brown with an excellent head.  The pumpkin and brown sugar are evident in the front and it finishes strong with an almost champagne like tingle.  The 7.0 ABV means Proctoberfest has a decent kick but the drinker wouldn't guess it's that high.  From the lacing in the glass to the unique not-too-much pumpkin taste, this is not your average home brew.
Rating: 10/10
Social Standing:  If you are drinking Proctoberfest Wedding Ale that means you are at our wedding, which makes you a fantastic, well-balanced person.

Who: Breckenridge Brewery(Denver, Colorado)
What: Oatmeal Stout
Cost: $9.29 for a six pack of 12 oz. bottles
Description:  This oatmeal stout has an up front bitterness that, despite being unexpected, was highly welcomed.    This must be where the 31 IBUs kick in.  Although I like the increased IBUs, there isn't a lot of ABV (4.95%) to support them.  This beer has nothing on the back end after the upfront bitterness.  The beer also felt thin for being a stout.
Rating: 6/10
Social Standing:  There is no problem bringing a beer like this to a party.  It is somewhat unique but not all out weird, more Pink than Lady Gaga.  I wasted most of my Colorado stereotypes on the previous Beer Reviews...
August Beer Reviews

Who: Avery Brewing (Boulder, Colorado)
What: Ellie's Brown Ale
Cost: $9.99 for a six pack of 12 oz. bottles
Description:  I should preface by saying I love brown ales and I always tend to compare them to what I consider to be the style standards:  Bell's Best Brown Ale (appropriately named) and BBC's Nut Brown Ale.  Ellie's is very tasty but just average.  I think my love for Browns makes me like just about any Browns and Ellie is no different.  The ABV (5.5%) is spot on but I would like a little more bitterness (17 IBUs) balanced out with more roasted flavor.  The rating gets a bonus point for the Dog on the label.
Rating: 7/10
Social Standing:  Why do I keep reviewing Colorado beers?!?  Lets town...liberal...marijuana?....skiing?...clean air....Northface...ok I got it...
Hey Hippie, Ellie's Brown ale is a perfect beer to enjoy after your skiing trip, that is if you have a free hand from holding your marijuana cigarette and making a peace sign.  In between deep breaths of your amazing clean air, enjoy a few sips of this brown ale and as a bonus it also comes in a can which would fit perfectly inside your Northface fleece's interior pocket.  

In all honesty, I REALLY want to go to Colorado...who's in?

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