Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Today as I was walking Carl, I noticed two different men coming the opposite way from us.  One was driving a BMW sports car and the other was on foot wearing a flat-bill cap, long black denim shorts and Jordan's.  I try to wave or say hi to everyone I see while walking the dog.  Unfortunately in this situation I used stereotypes to try and predict their reactions.

I figured I would get a stare down from the sports car guy or that he might speed off and squeal his tires.  From flat-bill and Jordan's I expected he might scowl my way or ask me if I had a lighter.  Much to my surprise BMW gave me a polite raise-fingers-off-the-steering wheel wave and flat-bill a polite hello and head nod.  This made me start wondering; why can't all us guys treat one another this way?

Let's face it, it can be tough being a guy.  We have to deal with losing hair, fathering children, and strong emotions brought about by sport outcomes.  Maybe if we all just respected one another a little more we wouldn't have to worry as much about all the problems that men bring about such as war or street gangs.  This morning was a great example of some men, of different walks of life, just out respecting each other.  Men Out Respecting Each other or M.O.R.E for short is a movement I am going to start.  When I am out on the town I will not try to stare other dudes down or be so swift to judge my fellow men.  Who is with me?  I am certainly going to need M.O.R.E.

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