Friday, November 20, 2015

"Going Potty"- A Guest Blog by Crosby Jane Proctor

Wow, does going to the bathroom have its perks or what?  Every time I sit down to relieve myself I get a blueberry treat  AND a sticker on my personalized potty chart.  The incentive for doing what comes so natural is exorbitant, but I am the one reaping the rewards so why would I complain.
Note the small stickers.  I want to ride this train as long as I can.
As you have  ascertained, I am pretty excited about my ongoing potty training.  Diapers are so October of 2015.  I get to go potty whenever and wherever I want.  Naturally, this wields me a substantial amount of power.  The second I hear dad crack a cold one, I say "I need to go potty" and he has to take me right then and there.  If dad turns the game on then,  like clockwork, "I gotta go potty". I hope you don't miss a touchdown, dad!  It works every time and there is nothing better than hearing him ask "are you sure?" and have mom explain to him that he is not allowed to question the validity of my potty request.  Did I mention the potty plays a song if I go?  It is a pretty legit jam.  The only downfall was the constant audience, but now I simply say "privacy please" and close the door.  Apparently this is a "cute" request and is always granted.  Maybe when I get older I will understand what is so exciting about watching your kids go to the potty.

I know there is a lot on the horizon for me, but I cannot help but wonder if life gets any better than this.  That is why, even though I have this potty training licked, I will continue to use it to my advantage at every possible turn.  Hang on.."hey dad, before you pour that glass of chocolate milk you have been talking about all day, I need to go potty."  This will be fun.

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