Sunday, November 8, 2015

Somebody unnecessarily hurt Teddy and it pisses me off.

Teddy fans, watch this at your own peril...

Man, I hope Teddy is ok.  And btw, this is what the NFL is trying to get rid of, as they should.  Those of you who are concerned about the rules protecting players because you are vicariously tough and crave "big hits", well I've got nothing for you.  Is this what you want?  The play is dirty as hell and is the definition of "targeting".  There is absolutely no place for this.  A player should be allowed to forfeit themselves and not have to worry about an opposing player purposefully injuring them.  And last but not least, YES, the league should err on the side of caution when calling targeting penalties.  Penalties and fines can be undone, but violent, life-altering concussions can not.

Still the man
And while we are here, please keep another Cardinal, Kyle Kuric,  and family in your prayers:

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