Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spreading Proctor's Type

Increasing Readership
As many of you have noticed, I have been trying to increase Proctor's Type readership.  I have been posting new and classic blog posts on Facebook and Twitter more often.  Proctor's Type now has a fan page on Facebook (please check out and like) and a twitter @Proctorstype (please follow).  If you are a Digg reader, you can find a few Proctor's Type posts to digg.

One of the most exciting things after typing a blog post is going back and checking the "stats":  how many people are reading?  Where are they coming from?  Has anyone commented?  Has anyone "liked" or shared the post on Facebook?  A well thought out blog (which some of mine are) that contains pictures can take up to three hours to type, insert pictures, edit and post.  All the time and effort payoff when someone says nice read or something to that effect.  Hell, its worth it when someone comments and disagrees with whatever I am writing about, at least I know they read it and thought about it.

Now, how can I spread Proctor's Type more?  How can I get new readers?  I would appreciate any ideas from my current readers, you all know what you like and what you do not about blogs on the internet.  My ask is for readers to comment (positive or negative), like, share, retweet, digg etc., any and all help in sharing Proctor's Type is greatly appreciated.

Yet to be named Thursday Newsletter 
While brainstorming ideas to increase readership, I recalled multiple conversations with my mother that went something like this:
Me: "Mom, did you read my blog?"
Her: "Oh yeah, the one about your wedding?  Laura is so beautiful"
Me: "No mom, I was actually referring to the multiple posts since the wedding one"
Her: "Oh, no, I can't read those sports and beer ones, I don't know what you are talking about"
This made me think: if I can not get my own mother to read every post, how can I expect a consistent following from friends and even strangers?

My favorite thing about Proctor's Type is that it is not specialized, I do not just write about sports, my personal life, travel etc. I write about an array of subjects that interest myself and hopefully my readers.  Unfortunately for readership this creates a problem, not everyone has the exact same interests as me, some readers love sports but are not interested in contrived social issues.  Some are yearning to learn the history of coffee but could care less about amateur beer reviews.  With an average of 4-5 posts a month, there can be months between Beer Reviews or News and Notes.  So how can I increase consistent readership and still not specialize my blog?

My solution is a yet-to-be-named, newsletter style post that I bang out every Thursday.  In each entry will be shorter, more concise blips about subjects near and dear to Proctor's Type's heart.  Each (insert name of Thursday blog) will have sections devoted to Faith and Family, Sports and not so serious Social Commentary (Our World ), as well as a beer of the week, and a tool of the week (tool being a derogatory term for another person, not like a wrench or anything).  There will still be the traditional single subject posts as well but News and Notes as well as Beer Reviews are a thing of the past.  My goal is to have readers expecting the yet-to-be-named Thursday blog and being able to skip what does not interest them and enjoy what does.

I am already sick of typing yet-to-be-named Thurday blog so I am encouraging my readers to submit ideas, with the winner being announced in next week's edition.  Keep in mind that "Thirsty Thursday: quenching (something)" has already been presented and is being considered.  Please look for the first Thursday blog later TODAY and let me know what you think.

Astute readers have probably noticed advertisements to the right and at the bottom of each entry.  When I started Proctor's Type earlier this year, I thought about how cool it would be to make any amount of money, no matter how small, from my blog.  I went months before adding the advertisements but recently decided it was time to give it a try.  I have worked the template so that the ads do not interfere too much.  The ads seem to be related to the blog content, so that is pretty cool.  If you see an ad for a site or product you were planning on checking out or if something catches your eye feel free to click, the ad will populate in a separate window.  Trust me, I am certainly not getting rich off of this and making money is not the intent if Proctor's Type.

Well, here is a picture of Tom Brady...enjoy and I will see you soon with the first edition of the Yet-To-Be-Named Thursday blog