Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

We are knocking on 2012's door and it is time to deliver our New Year's resolutions.  This will be the first new year of Proctor's Type which is exciting and surprising at the same time.  I am looking forward to posting my New Year's resolutions for all my readers in the hopes that it will hold me more accountable and at the very least give me something to write about over the next year.  The following are my three New Year's resolutions, ranging from important to ridiculous:

1.  Weight Watchers
I will be attending my first Weight Watchers meeting January 2nd.  Ever since college I have had extra pounds I have been trying to shed.  I have had periods where I have worked out hard, dieted, and lost weight; however a loss of motivation leads to those lbs. coming back.  The latest chapter in weight loss involved me losing 20 or so pounds prior to my wedding then putting all or most back on in the celebrations that have followed.  This year is the year that I begin a healthy lifestyle, lose the pounds and keep them off for good.  Laura and I will be holding each other accountable on our daily points and I think I have found an exercise/hobby that I really enjoy.  Please wish me luck and keep me motivated through 2012, hopefully you will get to see a post about weight loss success.  

2.  Biking
The aforementioned exercise/hobby that I have taken up is cycling.  My parents and Laura bought me a Trek for my birthday last year.  I rode consistently for the next few months and worked my way up to being able to ride 10 miles consistently.  This resolution is that I will do a 50 mile ride at some point this year.  I am chomping at the bit for biking weather and now have a bike rack for the jeep as well as tools and an air pump.  Right now 50 miles sounds tough but I have many biking friends and family members who consistently do 50 miles plus.  

3.  Hoarding
You probably think this means I am going to stop hoarding, however my resolution is just the opposite.  Laura and I keep a pretty clean and organized home.  This leads to me judging all of the hoarders I see on TV.  If you follow my twitter account you may see tweets such as these during a viewing of the A & E program Hoarders:
"#hoarders pissing me off again"
"Throw away that piece of shit, its not more important than your family #hoarders"
"Stop making excuses and CLEAN YOUR FUCKING HOUSE #hoarders"

Its obvious from these tweets that I am ignorant to the disease and should gain a better understanding of hoarding behavior before commenting.  For that reason I plan to hoard in 2012.  I am going to select one room of my house and hoard the hell out of it.  If I finish a coke can I am going to walk to the hoarded room and throw it on the floor.  Instead of washing my clothes I am going to pile them up in the corner of the hoarder room.  After I make a fresh Keurig cup of coffee (history here), I will throw the used K cup on a bookshelf.  I will not clean the cat litter anymore and may introduce some new creatures to the room.  

Once I have my room hoarded, dirty and virtually uninhabitable I will begin to spend all of my free time in there.  Who knows, maybe I will like it and you will see me on Hoarders sometime.  


  1. So i guess next your going to start wearing UK shit to get a better understanding of the disease too ?

  2. I was looking at getting a bike myself, since I live by all the parks and everything now. Also have you run this whole hoarding idea by Laura?