Sunday, December 8, 2013

Crosby's Guide to the Holidays: The Spirit of Christmas

Upon hearing that Dad's first two tips for "Guide to the Holidays" were something about potato chips and candles, I decided to once again take over his blog and share a little about what I have learned about Christmas in my short time on this Earth.

I have been told that we are coming up on a time of the the year called Christmas.  Mom is playing music that is specially made for Christmas, Dad is burning candles that supposedly "smell like Christmas", and everyone has been telling me about how special this time of year is.  Apparently Jesus was born on Christmas a long, long time ago.  Because of this, we commemorate his birth by spending time with family and friends, practicing peace, forgiving one another, and being generous with our blessings.  We celebrate cozied up by the fire, have joyous parties, and churches everywhere have special worships (I have been told Crescent Hill Presbyterian has the "best" Christmas Eve service).  And of course Dad is spouting off about "Christmas cold ones" and legit NBA basketball.  Last but not least, some friends and family give one another gifts.  Wait...more gifts?!?

Do not get me wrong, I love gifts!  I have been given so many fun and cute things by my generous family and friends.  I have the cutest outfits, fun toys, bouncy chairs to chill in, and even some sports stuff that my dad gets all excited about.  People have even made me stuff.  Heck, my Grandparents can not seem to make a visit without presenting me with something new and fun.  I cannot wait to see all the amazing gifts I will get for Christmas.  But what about those other babies out there who do not get gifts on Christmas?  Unfortunately, many children right in our own city go without gifts.  In fact, many of these kids do not even have warm clothes to wear.  I decided I wanted to help them, it is Christmas after all.

I got on my Ipad (joke, I do not want one of those until next year) and did some research.  It turns out the Salvation Army has a program (Angel Tree) where you can buy gifts for a child or family who need a little help.  That is when I got an idea.  Every year I will select a child about my age from the Angel Tree and we will give them fun, cute stuff just like I get!  Of course this year I am a little limited in my mobility, so I commanded Mom "go get an angel off of the angel tree and get them awesome stuff so they can have a special Christmas!"  She replied "well are you going to stay here with Dad and watch football?"  "Ugh, I guess."

As has been typical in the Proctor household since my birth, it turns out we waited until the last minute, and it was the last day to get an Angel.  Now on a mission, Mom selected the Angel and went on one of her patented Target shopping sprees all in one fell swoop.  I was so excited when she got back.  What does the special baby get?!?

That looks cute, but let me get a closer look...

Perfect!  She is going to love her gifts!  Good job mom!  Now I think I get this whole Christmas thing.  Oh yeah, apparently I wear special Christmas clothes too...

Merry Christmas everyone!  

If you decide you want to help a family enjoy a warm holiday meal, you can do so at Kroger:

And last but not least, Carl, Ichiro and Bagheera want me to remind you all that you can also help animals in need with the pet angel tree!  Check it out:

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  1. There is lots of poor children. Crosby you should get on the Watterson head west and take the Fort Knox exit. Lots of poor children waiting in the streets.