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Go Cards! 5 Things: A Little Perspective & My Predictions for UK basketball game and Russell Athletic Bowl

Note:  I am currently watching the 2013 Sugar Bowl on DVD, safe to say I am fairly jacked.

1.  Appreciate Where You Came From

Is there anything more obnoxious than when someone forgets where they came from?  Can you stand when someone who did not have much comes into a little money and all of the sudden nothing is good enough for them anymore?  Or how about when a Keystone Light drinker tries a few micro-brews and transforms into a  self-professed beer connoisseur? (Wait, that's me.)

Although I understand their sentiment, I simply cannot agree with the flocks of Cardinal fans who are disappointed with this football season.  I have heard the terms "waste" and "purgatory" thrown away to describe this season.  Must I remind you where the U of L football program was just a few years ago?  We lost to Kentucky four years in a row. Louisville was not invited to a bowl for three straight years.  Discipline problems were rampant and the team was not graduating its players.

So now we are upset that we lost ONE game?  Our Bowl Game is not good enough?  The VICTORIES are not by enough points?  Let's reflect on what this team has accomplished and not focus on what they did not do.  This team has won 11 games.  This team beat UK for the third year in a row.  This team is playing in an interesting bowl game against a future ACC foe.  With a win in the bowl game, Louisville could finish as a top 15 team.  And last but not least, U of L went down to Cincy and took the Keg of Nails for the foreseeable future.  

I know there has been disappointment.  U of L lost a game they should have won, and with that missed out on a BCS bowl.  But that is football, sometimes you lose, and Louisville is doing that a lot less than they were just a few years ago.  This season is fun, we are fans, let's enjoy it.  
How good is DeVante?  Photo from the Courier Journal
2.  All time Louisville athlete Mount Rushmore:

In my opinion, today we are watching two of the four athletes who should be carved into the mountain.  Based on achievements at U of L, my mount Rushmore is:  Darrell Griffith, Pervis Ellison, Teddy Bridgewater, Russ Smith.  I am sure some of you all think I am crazy.  Please comment with your Mount Rushmore, should be fun.

3.  Mike Greenberg is a stubborn jackass.

I  just finished watching the Sugar Bowl for the 3rd time.  Every time I watch, I think back to the Mike and Mike radio show the morning after.  Greeny said he "knew" that if this game had been played in November, Florida would have won.  So basically, when he said Florida would win there is no way he could have been wrong.  If Louisville won, he was not wrong (like he normally is), Florida simply did not try, so his prediction was effectively an "N/A". What is so hard about saying "wow, who saw that coming?  I guess I should have actually watched U of L play before saying they did not stand a chance".

Normally I am not prone to react to his ridiculous hyperbole.  He says he is objective, but it does not make him so.  He wants to be right and he was simply wrong, again.  Florida absolutely was trying from the very first time they blew Teddy up and knocked his helmet off.  From that point on they were out-coached, out-played, and it was shown that Louisville had the best player on the field playing the most important position in the game.  Greenberg can be entertaining at times, but this take of his was just ludicrous.

4.  U of L v. UK Prediction

I, like everyone else and Vegas, believe this is a toss up.  Therefore I will say U of L wins just because I think they play more as a team at this point.  77-71, Cardinal Victory.  I will go with a wildcard and say Terry Rozier is the player of the game, 15 Points, 9 Rebounds, 4 Assists.  Obviously, UK is good and getting better, so I could be totally wrong.  We will see which team is more prepared.
Picture courtesy of here
5.  U of L v. Miami Russel Athletic Bowl Prediction

I feel much more comfortable picking Louisville to win their bowl game than their rivalry basketball game.  U of L will ride their Cincy victory momentum to a 31-20 victory.  Teddy player of the game:  250 yards passing, 3 TD.  

You will be missed.  Photo courtesy of here
GO CARDS!  Fans, let's enjoy today, it should be a lot of fun. 

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