Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Great DVD Purge of 2013

For years I have collected DVDs.  It was comforting to know that I would always have access to movies and television series that I enjoyed for years and years to come.  However, between Netflix, law school, and becoming a dad, I am realizing more and more that I will never sit down and watch the majority of my DVD collection.  With this in my mind, I began to consider what I could do with my DVDs.

Previously, I had sold 75 or so that I knew I did not want to some guy on Craig's List for $75.  He then informed me of his master plan to flip them for big bucks.  I wonder how that worked out.  Anyone who wants to buy DVDs is not going to pay a lot for them these days, so I decided against selling them.  Instead, I decided to give the bulk of my DVDs, along with an old DVD player to United Crescent Hill Ministries here in Louisville.  They will be able to share the DVDs with those who will be entertained by them.

Of course, this is going to be harder than it sounds.  It is difficult to give away a chunk of my only current "collection" of anything.  In the same manner as a hoarder on TV gets rid of things, I decided to allow myself to pick out my favorite DVDs to keep, while getting rid of the rest.  Of course, I am going to blog about it as I go as a form of therapy.  Here is my challenge:

I can only keep enough of these:

That the remaining fit on this shelf:

Of note:  I will not get rid of any DVDs that came along with my marriage, but I do not have to fit them on the shelf either.  I have quite a process ahead of myself.  To ease this difficulty, I am going to break the process into steps.  

Step One:  Fill the top shelf with my absolute favorite movies...

That was pretty easy. One problem is I do not not know where my Memento, Pulp Fiction or Badlands DVDs are.  However, the good news is I have two copies of Goodfellas, so one of the best films of all time will be headed UCHM's way.  (Note to UCHM, Goodfellas is probably not for children).

Step Two:  Start the second row with my must-have sport and music DVDs...

Hint, hint to anyone looking to buy me a Christmas gift, I can leave some space on this shelf for:  Springsteen and I, the 1986 and 2013 Louisville national title games, the 2007 Orange Bowl, and Super Bowls XXXVI and XXXVIII.  What am I saying?  I am supposed to be reducing my DVDs.

Step Three:  Fill the bottom shelf with TV series I know I want to keep...

Uh oh.  This may be a problem.  We have some Parenthood, The Office, Justified and OH WAIT!


Step Four:  Start getting rid of some instead of saving them...

Hmmmm...this is probably not enough.

These should go...right?

Ok, I really did get rid of a bunch.  Time to save some more.

Step 5:  I am going to save my favorite western and war movies and put them on a section of shelf two...

I know Justified is not technically a Western, but it is awesome
This freed up some space on the top shelf for some absolute favorite additions:

Step Six:  Save the few Blu Rays because they are the future (lol)...

Step Seven:  Save the extremely funny and extremely violent movies to balance each other out...
Of note:  Laura insisted on putting Dodgeball in the hilarious section
Step Eight:  Debate and debate to settle on the last eight or so spots on the shelf...
Super Survivor: Al Pacino

I would be lying if I said that was easy.

Goodbye friends
Luckily, I am still prepared for when the time comes where I have weeks and weeks of absolutely no responsibilities and I cannot leave the house.

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