Saturday, February 6, 2016

Writing my novel PART II

Readers who have checked in recently know that I am in the initial stages of writing a novel.  So initial in fact that I have not written a single word of it.  What I have done is come up with a protagonist (part I here) and receive some advice from a two year old (Crosby's advice here).  Although I remain wordless to this point, I made a huge stride this morning when I decided on the theme of chapter one: saloning.

Not only is describing a trip to the salon a perfect way to get inside Ted's mind, I am also making up a word (saloning) that may end up in being used as slang by middle-aged women.  Twitter followers (@proctorstype) got a glimpse of what chapter one will be about when I live tweeted my salon experience today.  Although I do not want Ted to be entirely based on myself, I do want him to share some common thoughts and experiences, with saloning certainly being one of them.  Like myself, Ted will feel extremely out of place initially then really delve in and let the salon experience relax and soothe him.

I considered just writing chapter one on but then realized that I would be giving readers and twitter followers (since I am basically just taking my series of tweets and elaborating on them) the goods for free.  And considering the novel's main purpose is a cash grab, I need ensure all the sales I can.  So, please continue to read as I waste all my writing time writing about writing a novel, but if you want to know how Ted got his haircut, you will need to wait for the hardback or download the electronic version to your preferred device.

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