Wednesday, February 21, 2018

#ConLent update

Well, the haters are having a field day with yesterday's pathetic daily content. In fact, other than a handful of skunk fans, even the supporters thought it was a stinker. On top of the low production quality, my Chief Editor pointed out that the skunk video was also repeat content, since I had posted it on my Instagram Story earlier in the day. Piss poor production and stealing from the Gram story is a recipe for disaster, guys.

I must admit that blogging every day is more difficult that I anticipated. Even five sentence stories are difficult to com up with. Hell, sometimes I ask myself if I subconsciously went with the chinstrap beard just to create some cheap content. Mix in the hater DMs and  #COnLent is in a rough spot.

So what would you guys like? More five sentence stories? Count me out? Relentless lashing out at the haters? Hit the DMs or the comment section so hard with suggestions.

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