Monday, February 26, 2018

Gift Basket Protocol

Treatment providers often drop off gift baskets for our staff at work, a kind gesture that I very much enjoy. Unfortunately, I am usually in court when the gift basket is discovered. Typically I receive a text message announcing the gift basket and spend the rest of the morning fretting over what is in the gift basket and what will be left  by the time I get back. Sometimes I reach the point of physical sickness due to worry in these situations.
*heart eyes emoji*
Is the first person on the gift basket scene going to mindlessly eat all of the chocolate covered raisins? Will they open a jar of black bean salsa and leave it open, un-refrigerated? These questions and thousands more like it keep me awake at night. I cannot put into words the toll this is taking on myself and my family. So, readers, please read, learn, memorize, and practice the following action-plan for whenever you are a gift basket first responder:

1. Gently remove all items from the gift basket and take a picture of each item.
2. Send each picture to a group text of everyone who has a valid claim to the gift basket.
3. Have each person rank each item in terms of which they want the most.
4. Produce an aggregate and distribute an appropriate portion to each person based on their desires.
5. Roll up and clip any remaining bagged items.
6. Refrigerate any perishable items.

It is that easy guys.

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